Monkey on My Back
Written by Sara Petite

I got a little friend called the monkey
But he really ain’t no friend to me
He’s smiling shaking his hips while I’m shaking my fists
Yelling monkey won’t you let me be.

Pitter-pat, pitter-pat, pitter, pitter
He got a way to my heart
He wriggles and he wiggle and he coos and he giggles
And he’s laughing as I’m falling apart

Monkey on my back I don’t want you
You’re a habit like whiskey or gin
One swig is enough and two is too much
And three’s a gonna do you in

Fool me once, fool me twice little monkey
As you cuddle up and pull me near
You flit and you fly into my heart and I cry
Wrecking everything that I hold dear

Fly away, fly away little monkey
Take your monkey paws and go climb a tree
Your serenade is just a big charade
Monkey won’t you let me be