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  1. Sweet Pea Blues


Sweet Pea Blues
Written by Sara Petite

Easy baby girl don’t you cry
Sorry about the mess that you’re feeling inside
You better go call mama,
She’ll make you feel alright
Buy a little hooch,
Take a little drink,
Drinking to forget until your head’s in the sink
Don’t tell me how to act,
Don’t tell me how to think cause I can’t stand it

Trying to smile in the pouring rain is like
Trying to whistle in a hurricane
A heart to open cuts too deep
Depression rolling down your cheek
Don’t get too happy on a sunny day
You always do but it’s a heart that breaks
When someone comes and takes it all away
Nothing just ain’t nothing
When you got, everything and nothing left to lose
Sweet Pea’s got the Blues

We hurt each other while we’re hurting ourselves
Pointing all our fingers at everybody else
But when the lights go out
You only got yourself
Sweeping all the secrets underneath the mat
Don’t worry it’s okay it’s just where you’re at
Skeletons are hiding underneath your cap and
It’s just where you’re at