Road Less Traveled
written by Sara Petite

I see that look you’re wearing
You’re saying no, but I know you’ll let me in;
You said your door was always open but I know
That welcomes wearing thin.
Darling, just a night or two,
Let’s rekindle me and you,
Let’s go back in time again?
I just need you close,
You know that I love you the most
And lovin’ me babe, it ain’t no sin.

I take the road less traveled,
It’s loose and unraveled,
Where I’m bound heaven only knows
It’s full of travelers, truckers, troubadours,
Legends, liars, leavers, lore,
Going whichever way the wind may blow.
You know that I can’t stay for long,
A few more days and I’ll be gone;
A little kiss goodbye and down the road I goes.

Take off your clothes babe,
Crawl inside my heart into the bed;
Entwining bodies making love,
Mmm hmmmm… Until there’s nothing left.
Let’s fall asleep until the morning comes,
Draw the blinds, refuse the sun,
Again let our bodies become one.
You’ve seen me through my wicked ways,
I know you hope one day I’ll stay,
But a vagabond like me was born to run.