Pappy and Harriets

Feeling Thankful Thank you to my band the 
Sugar Daddies: Erik Olson,
Michael Kassner and Wade 
Maurer.  You guys are the
coolest people to play with.  
Also thank you to everyone
that comes out to our shows.
We …

November Shows

  November Shows  

Nov 14th, 2pm

Mother's Tavern

Sunset Beach, CA



Nov. 17th, 7am





Nov 20th, 5pm

Humphrey's Happy Hour

San Diego, CA



Nov 27th and 28th, 7:30pm

Pappy and Harriets

Pioneertown, CA

Java Joes on Friday

      Upcoming Gigs Sara Petite and the Sugar Daddies Friday, Feb 20th, 9pm The Ould Sod (Preshow for Live Recording at Pappys)   Sara Petite and the …

Next Shows

January Peace, Love & Honky Tonks - Friday, January 23, 6pm Sara Petite   With Erik Olson at Wynola Red Barn and Pizza   6 - 9pm   4355 California 78,  …

Humphrey's Happy Hour

Oct 4th, 5 to 7pm
Humphrey's Happy House

Sara Petite
& the
Sugar Daddies

"Peace, Love & Honky Tonks" - 

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 Whenever Sara Petite sings, she sounds like a real girl. That may sound like a, 'Well, no duh!' remark, but with so many contemporary country divas playing the Miss Perfect part to, well, perfection, it's getting harder and harder to…

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Sara Petite Rides Again

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still remains connected to me. Although my life is beautiful and I have so
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