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Powerful Country-Tinged Autobiography 

Sara Petite - Road less Traveled 

JULY 4, 2017 


Eleven years from her debut, Tiger Mountain, the title of Sara Petite’s latest album is at odds with the miles of experience…


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Album review: Road Less Traveled by Sara Petite 

It’s not hard to fall immediately in thrall to Sara Petite’s sound. From the first (title) song of her new album, Road Less Traveled, the only possible response is a big…


Record Rack - The Alternate Root


Heartbreak and happiness share the front seat with Sara Petite as she makes her way along Road Less Traveled, the latest release from the SoCal songstress. Sara Petite catches air on south of…


No Depression

Mesmerizing New Album From Sara Petite 

Sara Petite - Road less Traveled 

MARCH 13, 2017 

When I’m not spinning vinyl on the stereo or listening to a ménage of tracks while on the computer…


The Daily Country

Four-time winner of San Diego’s Best Country/Americana Band, Sara Petite returns with her latest, Road Less Traveled, on May 19th. The journey begins with the jaunty banjo and horn-laden title track on which the raspy voiced singer proclaims herself a…

I Will Rise

I Will Rise was a finalist and earned an honorable mention in the International Songwriting Contest this year!

Since this is the 5th time she's been a finalist, would this make her the Susan Lucci of this award?

Review from Midwest Records

SARA PETITE/Road Less Traveled: By way of reference and not for comparison, if you've ever dug any or all of Wanda Jackson, Nanci Griffith or Lucinda Williams, Petite is your cup of tea----and we don't mean chamomile. San Diego's country…