Upcoming Shows

Fri June 21st, 6pm 

Wynola Red Barn 

Sara Petite 

with Steve Peavey 

Julian, CA 


Sat June 22nd, 3pm 

OB Chili Cook-Off 

Sara Petite Band 

(Santa Monica & Bacon St Stage) 

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Upcoming Shows

Show's this week: 
Thur May 30th, 7pm 
Ramona Mainstage 
Sara Petite Band 
Opening for Mike and the Moonpies 
Ramona, CA 

Fri May 31st, 5pm 
Barrelhouse Brewery 
Sara Petite Trio 
Paso Robles, CA 

Sat June 1st, 3pm 
Lagunitas Brewery 

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San Diego Woman of the Year

Sat March 16th, 10:30am 

St Patrick's Day Parade 

Sara Petite is the 

2019 San Diego Woman of the Year   

Come down and watch the parade! 


Sat March 16th, 1:30pm 

St Patrick's

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Two Great Events this Weekend

Friday, Dec 7th, 9pm

Bad News Bears Band Roars Again!

at the

Ould Sod

Sara Petite and Shawn Rohlf

Patrick McClory, Jeff Houck, Michael Kastner

​​​​​​​and the special guests

3373 Adams Ave, San…

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