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Heartbreak and happiness share the front seat with Sara Petite as she makes her way along Road Less Traveled, the latest release from the SoCal songstress. Sara Petite catches air on south of the border horns, choir loft organ swells and harmonies, chugging punk rock guitar riffs, and a salvation-seeking story line as she mounts a pulpit soapbox to inspire with “I Will Rise”. Road Less Traveled moves over the highways and byways of California Country music, sampling sounds of the west coast. The album hums farmland Folk as it huddles down in “Sweet Pea Patch” for a little loving, hangs on for a ride on a Rock’n’Roll Country hot flash in “It Was Just a Kiss”, and puts a desert dry rattle underneath the traintrack beats of “Blackbird” as the Sara Petite Band picks and plucks twang to ward off the rain falling in “Sweet Pea Blues”. 

Making her way down the west coast, Sara Petite left Washington state to set up base in San Diego, California. Her natural Country vocals find a comfortable home in the songs of Road Less Traveled, settling in a classic story line for “You Don’t Care at All”, wrapping in the hot breaths of Mexicali horns for the confessions of “Getting Over You”, confidently riding the rhythms through a Tom Petty dream in “Good 2 Be Me”, and momentarily sniffing an island breeze of pedal steel sways before knocking back a few shots in “Monkey on My Back”. Sara Petite follows the call of Mexican melodies for the title track as she teases and taunts all the ‘travelers, truckers, troubadours” she encounters on the “Road Less Traveled”.

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