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Next Shows 

Peace, Love & Honky Tonks
Friday, January 23, 6pm
Sara Petite
With Erik Olson
Wynola Red Barn and Pizza
6 - 9pm
4355 California 78, 
Julian, CA 92036
Songwriter Circle at Java Joes
Friday, Feb 6th, 8pm
Sara Petite, Paul Kamanski and Trevor McSpadden
Java Joes
 3536 Adams Avenue, 
San Diego, CA 92116
Where to find Sweet Pea

A Very Sugar Daddies Christmas 

A Very Sugar Daddies Christmas
Ho, Ho, Ho!!!! Kiss me under the Mistletoe!
Saturday at Humphrey's Backstage
Sara Petite 
and the
Sugar Daddies
Humphrey's Happy Hour 
5 to 7pm
Sat. Dec 13th, 5pm
Come get your Christmas Spirit on!
Wise Christmas words from a little dog named Ricky Bobby
Eat, drink and be merry!
Every day is a blessing and so are the people around you, yeah!!!
Kiss someone under the mistletoe as much as possible! Mummy says it's romantic!
When angry at the world, other people or circumstances, think of 3 things to be thankful for (bones, pats and my mummy)!
Upcoming December Shows
Dec 13th, 5pm
Humphrey's Happy Hour
Dec 27th, 730pm
Pappy & Harriets

Annual Homeless Veterans Benefit this Saturday 

Other Upcoming Shows
Dec 7th, 2pm
Fallbrook Library
Dec 13th, 5pm
Humphrey's Backstage
Sweet P and the Sugar Daddies
Christmas Extravaganza
Friends of Homeless Veterans Presents
Saturday, Dec. 6th, 5pm
The Ould Sod
Sock Hop
Tony Cummins w/ Gerry McMorrow
Sara Petite
& the
Sugar Daddies 
Raffles and Prizes!
New Mens Socks and or Underwear
The Ould Sod
3373 Adams Ave
San Diego, CA 92116


Quote of the Day!
I'm just a Country Girl, trying to make a living in a Rhinestone World. 
-Dolly Parton
Sweet Pea
Tiny little flower,
but oh so strong;
Strong enough to weather 
any storm.
She arrives with the sunshine,
girly and pink;
Cross her once
you won't cross her again.
Wake up with 
Sweet Pea 
(Sara Petite)
Tomorrow Morning!
Tues. Nov 18th 
6:15 - 7:45
Sara Petite
Listen in!
Basically from 6:15 - 7:45AM
they give me a topic and I write a song

European Tour 

European Tour
Oct 27th
The Greys
Brighton, England
Oct 28th
The Maltings
Farnham, England
Oct 29th
The Green Note
London, England
Oct 30th
The Prince Albert
Stroud, England
Nov 1st
Private Party
Nov 2nd
Kenley, England
Nov 3rd
Le Pub
Newport, England
Nov 4th
Sommersett, England
Nov 7th
House Concert
Oosterbeek, Netherlands
Nov 8th
House Concert
Amhem, Netherlands
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go to
"Peace, Love & Honky Tonks"

Country Standard Time Review 

 Whenever Sara Petite sings, she sounds like a real girl. That may sound like a, 'Well, no duh!' remark, but with so many contemporary country divas playing the Miss Perfect part to, well, perfection, it's getting harder and harder to find many real girl country singers anymore. That makes Petite a delightful exception to the rule.

Whether she's joking about resorting to riding an elephant to get away from a bad relationship, as Petite does during Movin' On, -- no, not the Hank Snow song - or having a relational allergic reaction to 'the other woman's' perfume during Perfume, Petite always sings in a ragged-but-right and oh-so-sincere gal's voice. She comes of especially smart when she's angry, which is most apparent during the latter day outlaw country of The Master, which brings Waylon, Willie and the gang to mind - even better than Gretchen Wilson. It has that assertive rhythmic thump-thumb of Jennings' sonic signature, along with a melodic nod to Nelson's On the Road Again, giving it the best of both worlds. Lyrically, this 'master' is only the king of doing girls wrong.

Petite is just as appealing when she sings about the truism of If Mamma Ain't Happy (the latter part of that phrase is, "Ain't nobody happy.") She can seemingly do no wrong, no matter what voice approach she takes.

We haven't had a down home country singer/songwriter this good since Iris Dement. Think of Dement, only a whole lot more fun, and you'll get a good picture of the joy that is Sara Petite's "Circus Comes to Town."